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Xtreme DI

XDI Stage 1 Low Pressure Fuel Pump

XDI Stage 1 Low Pressure Fuel Pump

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XDI Stage 1 low pressure in-tank pump. Modified and assembled at XDI in USA.
The only pump on the market with optimised Pressure Limiting Valve.
This pump maintains full flow up to 80psi w/o jeopardizing the safety function of the PLV. Tested to 625WHP on full E85 (maxing out the stock turbos).

377LPH without back pressure.
215LPH at 70PSI

XDI Stage1: 
435LPH at no back pressure
265LPH at 70PSI
23% Increase overall

Maximum Pressure
>80psi at full flow (PLV opening pressure 85-90psi, stock is 70-75psi)

Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends

Fitment:  100% OEM, no cutting, no crimping. Zero Fabrication or wiring needed. No return lines. 


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