Collection: Schmidty V-Series Tuning— Purchase Your HP Tuners MPVI3 Interface + Tuning Credits Below

Refined Performance USA offers ultra premium performance parts designed, developed & tested specifically for your V-Series Cadillac. We take pride in offering the most elite in-house RP USA designed/fabricated parts possible, along with expertly chosen products from some of our favorite highly-reputable companies. So, naturally we want you to have your performance tuning carried out & completed by the most highly decorated Cadillac V-Series Performance Tuner possible. Do more with less, by tuning with the best! Your RP USA elite performance parts deserve the most elite performance tuner in the Twin Turbo LF3/4 CTS V-Sport & ATS-V Community as well as Supercharged LT4 CTS-V3 Market & no other tuner comes close to World Record Breaking Cadillac V-Series Tuner— Schmidty Tuning!

Schmidty Tuning services V-Series cars via remote tuning using an HP Tuners MPVI3 OBD-II Interface & HP Tuners Software & can be accomplished all over the world. Please make sure to re-tune your ATS-V or CTS V-Sport with any performance modification. Your ATS-V or CTS V-Sport requires a full performance re-tuning after installing any RP USA Air System or RP LF3/4 Downpipes System!

Below you'll find the required HP Tuners OBDII MPVI3 Interface & cable— ready for purchase individually. As well you will find many option packages to purchase the HP Tuners MPVI3 Interface along with proper tuning credits needed to unlock your car's vin for ECU/TCM Tuning. 

Contact Schmitdy Tuning here— once you receive your HP Tuners Package! >>>