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CTS V-Sport Performance Racing Sway Bar Kit by RP USA

CTS V-Sport Performance Racing Sway Bar Kit by RP USA

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Our Refined Performance USA Sport Suspension Track Duty Sway Bars are designed to drastically enhance handling by dramatically complimenting your CTS V-Sport's Mag-Ride Suspension System. Paired with our Refined Performance USA Swift Spec-R Track Springs, your CTS V-Sport will be ready for the toughest of track courses— ensuring the greatest Driver-Control possible! Our RP USA anti-roll sway bars improve handling by minimizing traction robbing "body lean” even in the toughest of curves, allowing for your tires to stay flatter on the pavement thus creating larger contact patches. The result— more grip & added driver control! We also provide our upgraded RP USA Polyurethane Bushings to ditch the basic OEM rubber bushings, ultimately producing a much crisper response on turn-ins.

Our RP USA Sway Bars (front & rear) are 32mm cold-formed Hi-Tensile Chromium Molybdenum Seamless Steel Alloy Bars (advanced strength/weight ratio, renown for exceptional resistance to high temps & high pressures). The CR-MO Steel is maximally utilized in this application as “thick hollow tubing” which effectually increases energy travel, which decreases feedback response time. In a basic spec comparison, the stock OEM CTS V-Sport sway bars are a mere 27mm up front & 23.87mm in the rears & are 5160 Solid Steel.

Our Refined Performance USA anti-roll sway bars are cold-formed in-house using our custom-built precision bending equipment. Both laser-cut & CNC bar ends are MIG welded in place using a precise fixture for an exact fit.

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