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CTS-V3 RP-416 Wheels

CTS-V3 RP-416 Wheels

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RP USA is the only Cadillac Aftermarket Performance Company "CNC'ing" in-house for the ATS-V & CTS-V3. Our CTS-V3 19" & 20" wheels are designed with our proprietary offsets for an exact perfect fitment for your third generation CTS-V! All of our wheels are made-to-order. Production time is typically 2 weeks from purchase date.

 Our RP USA Flow Forged Technology combines mono block cast-wheel technology with a spin-forming technology to drastically improve the material property and strength of our wheels.The process impacts the micro structure of aluminum by utilizing three hydraulic rollers to apply pressure to form the inner rim area. The rollers move down the barrel applying pressure to compress, stretch, and form the entire wheel barrel producing optimal weight savings while improving material strength. This process actually alters the grain of the aluminum to produce a wheel barrel that is significantly lighter with enhanced strength comparable to fully forged wheels. Our technology helps reduce the weight up to 25% when compared to a standard cast wheel through this finer more even aluminum structure. The weight for 19” is approximately 21 lbs per wheel. Our 20” size is approximately 24 lbs per wheel.

Wheel Sizes:

19" Wheel: Front - 19" x 10" • Rear - 19" x 11"

20" Wheel: Front - 20" x 10" • Rear - 20" x 11"

Recommended Tire Sizes:

19" Wheel: Front - 275/35R19 Rear - 305/30R19

20" Wheel: Front - 275/30R20 Rear - 305/25R20

*Please note— price displayed is per individual wheel.

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