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Camaro SS 1LE Gen 6 Stainless Steel DOT Compliant Brake Line Kit (2016+)

Camaro SS 1LE Gen 6 Stainless Steel DOT Compliant Brake Line Kit (2016+)

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The Renick Performance Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines provide a quicker, firmer, more consistent pedal response by maintaining consistent brake pressure. Additionally, stainless steel lines provide precision brake modulation, especially during threshold braking. The improvement in pedal feel is more dramatic on older vehicles where the factory rubber line may have softened and swelled due to age.

The Renick Performance stainless braided hose is coated with a clear abrasion resistant PVC cover for maximum protection against chaffing.

All necessary brackets and fasteners are included with each line kit.

WHAT YOU ARE BUYING COMPARED TO OTHER KITS-The Renick Performance stainless brake line kits are 100% OEM fitment to the specified chassis. The Stabilitrac and Speed sensor lines, clips snap right back into place around our brake lines. The mounting tab for the shock towers are 100% identical to stock. NO ZIP TIES REQUIRED.

The Renick Performance Stainless brake lines are DOT Compliant and laser etched with our three digit DOT number on the collar of each fitting and the DOT compliance line down the center of the rubber PVC coating. Made in the USA on a DOT certified equipment, materials, dies, collars, and fittings.

THE OTHER GUYS KITS- Other kits offered on the market require Zip ties or rigged up locations that could create rub and or line compromising failures. We buy all the competitors products to compare in house. Did you know that stock length is not correct when switching to stainless lines? RP does, other guys don’t. The other kits on the market do not have the correct strut mounts or the right sleeves to run the Brake lines or Stabilitrac lines.

The kits on the market for the ATSV and CTSV3 are not DOT kits. They do not have DOT fittings, lines and are not produced with in DOT specifications. Why would you buy something that could fail and create liability because its not DOT?

The braking system in a high performance car is the the MOST IMPORTANT system in your car. Why go cheap, cut corners and buy a product that is not Specifically deigned for the Alpha+ car you drive.

Renick Performance builds a premium product for premium performance vehicles with 100% OEM fitment, DOT Compliance, Made in the USA.

Call us at 214-493-0527 with any questions.

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