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CTS V-Sport Performance Venturi Intake System w/ Catch Can by RP USA

CTS V-Sport Performance Venturi Intake System w/ Catch Can by RP USA

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Our RP CTS V-Sport Colder Air Venturi Performance Intake System is a competition level air system designed to deliver more efficient & more effective air flow to the car's twin turbos by utilizing an engineering principle & phenomenon known as the "Venturi Effect". No other CTS V-Sport Air Intake on the market has this unique design feature. Dyno Graphs & Data logs have shown up to a 700 RPM increase in sooner boost levels & torque— supported by tuning services via Schmidty Tuning. 

The RP Air Intake System was the first LF3/4 Intake System to utilize larger 3” diameter for more initial air volume collection. That 3” piping is designed to collect an initial larger volume of air after passing the cone filters. That 3” diameter section then jets and restricts down to a 2.5” reduction point. This reduction incorporates a tapering Venturi System in its design before reaching the turbo inlets. No other LF3/4 intake has this performance air flow enhancing design! The Venturi Effect Principle, simply put, is like the squeezing of the end of a garden hose with the intention of shooting out a forced controlled stream of water. With the RP System, the larger volume of turbulent air being pulled into the 3” piping section ultimately gets sucked through a narrowing funnel to then complete the 2.5” reduction which then creates low pressure & velocity. Thus creating a high speed controlled stream of forced air now flowing and filling up the turbo inlets more effectively & efficiently. As well, by effect principle, when air is made to pass through a narrower escape not only does it create an increase in air speed, but the air will slightly cool as well, which is the second effect of the Venturi Design featured in the RP CTS V-Sport Air Intake System.

Our Air Intake System comes with integrated Oil Catch Can with pcv hoses & fittings to route both the driver's & passenger-side engine pcv oil dumps. Per US emissions the PCV must be rerouted back into the intake system somewhere inline with the intake pipes pre-combustion. We route the OEM PCV debris to the catch-can unit. The RP catch-can is a billet two piece can with "dipstick". 

***The RP Air Intake System completely changes your CTS V-Sport's Mass & Dynamic Air Flow. Re-tuning directly after installation is 100% required. Without proper tuning your CTS V-Sport will run lean. This lean-state causes the car's system to continually compensate for the large change in air flow. Over time, this lean-state will continually get worse & will ultimately cause engine issues & then failures. Contact our Authorized V-Series Championship Tuner—  Schmidty Tuning to safely re-tune & properly dial-in your CTS V-Sport's true performance potential with our competition air intake system! *** Contact Schmidty Tuning Here >>> SCHMIDTY TUNING  

 Watch our CTS V-Sport Intake & Downpipes in action below! 

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