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Swift Springs

CT4-V "Spec-R" Lowering Springs by Swift Springs/RP USA

CT4-V "Spec-R" Lowering Springs by Swift Springs/RP USA

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Refined Performance USA is the first & only company to work directly with Swift Springs as an exclusive dealer of the Swift Spec-R Springs ("R'" denotes Racing) for the Cadillac Brand. We have continuously worked in-stride for more than six years with the Swift Team. Developing the "Spec-R" Spring together— solely to provide the very best performance springs possible for the very best OEM suspension system on the market!

The RP USA/Swift Spec-R’s are the only advanced dual-rated track duty springs on the market for V-Series Cadillacs. For a more engaging understanding of the dual-nature found only in the RP USA/Swift Spec-R Springs— please read further. To begin, a small portion of the springs have a tighter “progressive-rated” wind-up that compresses perfectly under the car’s weight & effectively is the “tender section” which stays out of active “play”. That section of the springs allow for the car to be lowered while still keeping the springs fully captive to the approximate 0.787 inch drop. The slight transition to the springs’ mostly wider winding then takes over as dynamic curve-carving “linear-rated” track springs for when your’re bending the whip thru course day! The wider winding & stiffer rate engages to minimize body roll while allowing for proper stroke as well as more travel— before bottoming out. The Spec-R’s amazing dual-nature is what allows them to keep daily street comfortability on the Magnetic Ride Control system supporting your V-Series Cadillac while ultimately being true full-fledged track-duty springs ready to hit corners!

The Refined Performance USA Spec-R's lower the vehicle approximately by 20mm front & rear within the tolerance of each vehicle's usable stroke & electric controls. The RP USA Swift Springs are approximately 30% stiffer than OEM springs. 

Why did RP USA choose to partner with Swift Springs? Swift Springs are unmatched in performance & quality. Foremost, Swift utilizes a proprietary material called "H5S.TW". This material has an extremely quicker transient response time. "H5S.TW" almost immediately reacts to any road conditions, which ultimately causes a much smoother ride, while other springs tend to "skip" on harsh road surfaces, Swift's will react to the surface as needed. With this, it was absolutely necessary for RP USA to team-up with Swift Springs, to create & provide an even more advanced spring based on the H5S.TW material. A spring that ensures the ever-responsive beauty of GM's active MagRide System never to be compromised, but rather heightened in its reactive energy transfer to the driver thus highlighting the true ferocity of a V-Series Cadillac's track performance capabilities— the RP USA/Swift Spec-R Lowering Spring.


Below you will find a basic comparison between the RP USA Swift “Spec-R” Spring vs. the basic Swift “Sport” Spring you may find elsewhere— decide for yourself which spring will take your driving performance to the next level!

     • Built for track duty, Swift Spec-R Springs are designed at the upper limits of the OEM shock valving. Track tested and tuned for optimum performance yet comfortable enough for a daily driver.

     • Swift Spec-R Springs were engineered with 3 characteristics in mind.
1— Modified ride height compared to Basic Swift Sport Springs to maximize optimal suspension geometry. 2— Further increasing of the spring rate to enhance overall performance. The increase in spring rate is based on the upper limits of the vehicles factory shock valving. 3— Maintain as much optimal street comfortability as possible while engaging peak track performance to aggressively compliment the GM MagRide System.

     • Swift Spec-R Springs improve handling & lower ride height for track enthusiasts who demand only the best. The Spec-R is ultimately designed for HPDE events, SCCA competition & AutoCross—  Swift Spec-R Springs are made for the true track enthusiast looking to take their V-Series Cadillac to the next level.

Swift made Sport Springs keeps the quality ride you get from the showroom & adds improved handling with a lower ride height for driving enthusiasts who demand only the best. Swift did not develop the Sport Springs line by just simply dropping the ride height, no, unlike other manufacturers whose sole focus is style— Swift approached the creation of the Sport Springs with 3 goals.

     • Maintain or improve a smooth, comfortable ride.

     • Increase handling by reducing body roll & squat in search of overall suspension balance.

     • Lower the vehicle within tolerance of each vehicle's usable stroke.


 Our RP USA Swift Spec-R Springs have been developed for these Cadillac RWD Alpha Mag-Ride Equipped Platforms: ATS-V, CTS V-Sport, CTS-V3, CTS, CT4, CT4-V, CT4-Blackwing, CT5, CT5-V & CT5-Blackwing.

Refined Performance USA has always and will continue to partner with the best in the aftermarket industry to provide the Cadillac community with the highest quality parts for their vehicles.

Be aware— there is NO need for a calibration rod for the MagRide sensor. 


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