RP ATS-V Stage 2 Performance Package

RP ATS-V Stage 2 Performance Package

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The RP Stage 2 Performance Package is a great place to start for those interesting in getting more power at a reasonable price. This package will get you all the parts you need to get your ATS-V Stage 2 tune by our tuning partner Schmidty Tuning. 

What's Included:

  1. RP Intake
  2. RP Down Pipes
  3. Soler Throttle Body
  4. (6) NGK Ruthenium HX Spark Plugs 95605 (Stage 1 Gap= .023)
  5. DSX Flex Fuel Sensor
  6. XDI Fuel Cam
  7. XDI LPFP 
  8. AJM Performance HPFP
  9. AEM OBD2 Wideband Gauge
  10. HP Tuners MPVI3 Custom Tuning Tool
  11. HP Tuners ProLINK+ Cable

*For the Stage 2 Schmidty tune please contact him HERE*

Please feel free to contact us at 214-493-0527 with any questions

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