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CORSA Performance

Corsa 2020+ Chevrolet Corvette Black Out Heat Protection Shields

Corsa 2020+ Chevrolet Corvette Black Out Heat Protection Shields

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The C8 Corvette is an engineering marvel with its mid-engine configuration eye catching body lines and incredible performance. Yet with that engine placement comes an abundance of heat. One area Chevrolet added extra heat shielding is behind the rear tire in the exhaust cavity to protect from excessive exhaust heat. While the aluminum reflective substrate heat shielding is effective, it is a complete eye sore. Eliminate that eye sore while adding even more heat protection with black heat shielding from CORSA Performance. When placed behind the rear tire the heat shielding adds an added layer to protection from exhaust heat while eliminating the reflective eye sore seen through the exhaust bezzels on the C8 Corvette.
Pair of black aluminum exhaust cavity rear wheel self-adhesive heat wrap
One-Time Install; Make certain before placement

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