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RP Monoblock ATS-V Wheel - Model 817

RP Monoblock ATS-V Wheel - Model 817

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RP Monoblock (RPMB) is no different than any of the industry leaders who offer a “Motorsports” grade 10,000 ton forged 6061-T6 Aluminum ingots, 100% CNC’ed by state of the art HAAS 5 AXIS CNC machines. The value to RPMB is massive! You get the same quality as the “A” list monoblock name brand makers at 50% less of the over all cost to your door.

Each wheel is cut to our RPMB spec’d offset. and set up for “R” compound tires with wider dimensions than a normal street set up. We guarantee no rubbing when using a G-Force F1, CUP-R, CUP-N2, Hoosier, or Toyo R Series tire. 

Our wheels can take the abuse of poor canyon road surfaces and guarantee your safety at pace on a twisty road. RPMB has tested all our offerings on various west coast circuits. it doesn’t matter if the candy stripes are tall or smooth the RPMB wheel program will ensure you do not have a catastrophic failure while entering the apex or contacting the stripes. 

The RP Monoblock series boasts super light weights with long term circuit longevity. No matter what the style, size or width is, we guarantee your unsprung mass to drop considerably. RPMB has tested and abused our own wheel products to a point of failure far past the normal or general scope of circuit and circuit abuse. 

Call our specialists to spec your RP Mono-block wheel set for your car today. 

*Wheel is priced individually*

Wheel Specs:

Front Size: 18” x 9.5” / 19” x 9.5”

Rear Size: 18” x 11” / 19” x 11”

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