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NEO Synthetics Racing Brake Fluid

NEO Synthetics Racing Brake Fluid

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Renick Performance chooses NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid as our motorsport brake fluid. RP has many years of motorsport experience and NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid is our choice. We offer "Super DOT 610" because its what we use in our testing and engineering. The last thing we want to worry about when we are testing our performance parts is brake fade or boiling fluid. 

NEO Synthetics Super DOT 610 Racing Brake Fluid - NEO "Super DOT 610" high temperature brake fluid is designed to take the punishment of the race course, for use in ABS brake systems and stop-and-go commuter traffic. and outperforms any other brake fluid on the market today. NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid is designed with a wet boiling point of 421ºF and dry boiling point of 610ºF. These specifications are well above those in the Department of Transportation specifications DOT 3 and boiling point is the boiling point with a specified amount of absorbed moisture; dry boiling point is after the initial moisture boil-off. Further, the low vapor rate of NEO "Super DOT 610" vitually eliminates teh possibility of vapor lock in the braking system.

Renick Performance recommends 5 bottles of NEO "Super DOT 610" brake fluid for complete flush and replacement.

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