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ATS 2.0 ECOTEC Turbo Axle Back Sport Exhaust System

ATS 2.0 ECOTEC Turbo Axle Back Sport Exhaust System

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The Refined Performance ATS 2.0 ECOTEC Turbo, axle back sport exhaust was designed as a OEM performance replacement. If you own a Cadillac 2.0 Turbo, you know once the car is started only a small amount of engine noise is noticeable. The RP Sport 2.0 turbo Axle back kit takes the near non existent stock exhaust noise to a soft yet sporty level.

The RP Sport 2.0T axle back performance exhaust gives the car the sound and rumble that it should have had from the factory. The RP Sport axle back gives the car 15+ more Horsepower and Torque over stock with a more linear power and torque curve. (Power results are subject to fuel, altitude and temperature.) The RP Sport 2.0T axle back exhaust is 100% OEM fitment to the stock hangers. The stock exhaust must be modified to accept the slip-fitting and clamp. 

If you wish to return your ATS to stock, just take the RP exhaust off the car and slip the stock exhaust on. 

The Refined Performance Axle back Exhaust for 2015+ ATS 2.0 Turbo Cadillac will fit the exhaust hangers from 2013 through current model year. If you have a 2013 through 2014 model 2.0 Turbo you will need to have the exhaust installed at a muffler shop. The 2013-2014 models have a twin pipe mid pipe. Any exhaust shop can install a Y-Pipe merge collector to mate up to the axle-back RP exhaust. Many customers have already gone this route purely because our exhaust has zero drone and sounds like nothing else. 

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